Pregnancy Fakers!

Katurah PettyThe original story reported was wild, and almost a little awe-inspiring: Katurah Petty robbed her local Walmart WHILE she was in labor.

She and her accomplice allegedly tried to lift $271 worth of computer software after altering the serial labels.

When police arrived, they were charged with theft and forgery. But instead of taking Petty to jail, they took her to the hospital because she told them her water had broken and she was in labor.

There she labored away for 33 hours while nurses attended to her, but she refused to let a doctor examine her and eventually convinced the staff to let her leave.



Because she was faking the whole thing; she wasn't even pregnant. She admitted to her probation officer that she made up the whole thing to get out of jail time.

And just when I was ready to give her props for being one tough mama despite her errant ways.

Of course, she's not the first woman to fake a pregnancy to try and cheat the system.

This summer, a Seattle-area woman was tried for bilking a man out of $3,500 by telling him she was pregnant with his child and needed to stay on bed rest. She even went so far as to post a fake obituary and showed the man a funeral announcement and a picture of an urn that supposedly contained the child's ashes after she miscarried it.

Then there was a case in June in which a woman faked her pregnancy for nine months before she stabbed a woman and tried to take her newborn baby to pass off as her own.

In June, an 18-year-old woman was charged with extortion after attempting to get money from a man to pay for an abortion when she wasn't even pregnant.

And there are plenty more cases in which women abuse and taint the privilege our gender gets in carrying children.

If there weren't children's lives involved, I might suggest a fitting punishment for them would be to have to endure pregnancy and labor ... repeatedly. But since there are, perhaps we could just induce them with perpetual morning sickness and horrendous hemorrhoids somehow.

Have you ever known someone to fake a pregnancy or labor to get what they wanted?

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