Strangers, Please Don't Comment on My Pregnancy

woman touching bumpYesterday, I was at the grocery store and this nice woman walked up to me and said "Wow. You look like you are going to have this baby today!" She was older and really so nice. However, inside I was really annoyed. I responded to her, "I hope not."

I'm still four weeks away from having my baby and I really don't need comments like that.

Her words were ringing in my ear later when I went to the OB/GYN. I told my doctor what she said. My doctor upped my story by telling me about a patient who was carrying big. Apparently people constantly asked her, "Are you sure you're not having twins?"

How can people think this is an okay question to ask?


I also have noticed a lot of staring. I went to a lunch in a ballroom a few weeks ago and I felt for a moment what it must be like to be famous. Everywhere I walked people were staring at me and at my body. I know I do it too. I always stare at pregnant people. I just, at least, try to hide the fact I'm doing it. And I certainly don't comment on the size of their bumps.

I really do believe that the woman in the grocery store was just trying to strike up a conversation. I do not think she had any bad intentions. I'm sure that most strangers who make comments are just trying to be nice. I guess people are innately socially awkward. It's just shocking to think in this day and age people would be so inappropriate.

Do you comment on a woman's bump size? Have people done it to you and does it bother you?

Image via Lunchbox Photography/Flickr

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