Woman Forced Into Abortion Clinic at Gunpoint

Dominic L. Holt ReidLast week in Ohio, a 28-year-old man became so enraged that his girlfriend wouldn't follow through with an abortion that he allegedly kidnapped her at gunpoint, made her drive to the clinic, and tried to force her to have one.

Fortunately, the woman was able to pass a note to one of the employees to let her know what was happening, and police were called. Dominic L. Holt Reid is being held on $500,000 bond.

The case is outrageous and horrifying to think any man could try and force a woman to terminate a pregnancy against her will, but it also brings up a long-debated question: When it comes to pro-choice, where is a man's choice?


Many women seek abortions because they're terrified, their life circumstances aren't right for a baby, they don't think they will be good parents, don't have the means to support a baby, and for a host of other reasons as diverse as the women themselves.

But don't the men face these same issues?

Both parties have the ability to prevent a pregnancy, so when they don't, why does only one party get a choice?

While it's a woman's body first and foremost, if a baby is born, it's both of theirs. BOTH parents have a responsibility financially and morally to support him or her, but only one parent gets to decide if they will?

While Reid's actions are unforgivable, isn't his desperation and fear about having a baby perhaps akin in some way to women who were forced into back alley abortions because they had no other choice?

Also, what about all the men who do want children and their girlfriends or wives or flings never tell them that they're pregnant? Those who have an abortion without ever telling the man who impregnated them?

No, a man doesn't have to endure pregnancy, and it's not his body that goes through the nine months of perils and physical changes and complications of pregnancy, but he does have a responsibility for the rest of that child's life.

Shouldn't he have some say, somehow, some way? Or does pro-choice really mean no choice for men?

Do you think men should have a say when it comes to abortion?

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