The Holy Grail of Maternity Clothing: 1 Dress Worn 110 Ways

haley starrHave you ever owned anything made with Modal? They make bras with it (heavenly, heavenly bras) and other items of clothing, like dresses. It’s a miracle fabric, especially for moms-to-be. It's a bit like a knit but with a different flow and texture that makes it universally flattering. Did I mention it’s silky smooth?

I have a dress made out of it that I love. It is my go-to dress. But it’s got nothing on Hayley Starr’s “Fancy” dress that can be worn in over 100 different ways.


Hayley is a big believer in responsible consumption, both in her design and fabrication. Multi-functionality is a thread that runs throughout her life, and especially to her dresses.

The Modal gives these dresses a natural stretch so they will grow with you -- and back down again. It will fit you no matter what. In case you were afraid that it will get a little old for people to see you in the same dress, day after day, invoking memories of Sweatpant Syndrome -- remember that this little number can be worn in 110 different ways.

Depending on how you manipulate the straps, ties, and draping of the fabric, you can create looks that are sleeveless, backless, maxi-dress, mini-dress, one shoulder, two shoulder, cap sleeve .... The possibilities are endless and it’s no harder to do than twisting the fabric into the right position.

Do you try to buy maternity clothes that you can wear after pregnancy, too?


Image via Hayley Starr

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