Is a Dissected Pregnant Woman Art?

damien hirstWondering how an extremely controversial artist views pregnancy? God of the modern art world, Damien Hirst, put aside the pink paint he used for Elton John’s Audi and has set his vision on pregnancy, creating a statue of flesh on one side and a revealing dissection on the other.

Perched atop a pier, greeting visitors like a hostess at a party, is a visibly pregnant statue. Which might not be so weird except that she’s missing a few bits and bobs. Hirst has decided to show his version of a mother as half-dissected, showing the mammary gland, musculature, and yes, developing fetus.


It's part of his exhibit in Monaco called “Cornucopia” that will contain several new pieces of his work. Hirst, of course, makes his living on the macabre. I kind of think it just looks like a giant anatomy statue and don’t really see the big deal. All art is inspired by something, but this? Come on.

Hirst definitely has a reputation for being controversial while still making you say, “Hmmm ... I’m not sure, but I think that really might be quite spectacular, but I also really kinda hate this guy ...”

What do you think? Does this go too far, or is art just art?


Image via High Snobiety

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