Did You Hear the Song About Infertility?

One of the bad things about Robert Edwards getting the Nobel Prize last week is the anti-infertility treatment people start coming out of the woodwork, muttering about how anyone who can't have kids the old-fashioned way should just accept it and move on; that it's somehow against God's will to use medical treatments to fix what is, in most cases, a medical problem. (I'm assuming these people don't use things like antibiotics or, you know, hair dye or eye cream.)

That said, some people get it. Among those are Darren Sher, son of nationally known infertility specialist Dr. Geoffrey Sher of the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine. He wrote a song along with Steve Carlson, called "I Believe," sung by Carlson and Darren's wife, the singer Rosalee. The idea behind the song was to "poetically articulate the hopes and dreams of infertility patients as well as their courage and determination."


The video features images of real families who faced infertility, all of whom are now pregnant or parenting.

The song is, well, not my cup of tea with its soft-rock/country style, but it's sweet, and the images of people who faced infertility playing with their beautiful little kids would get anyone choked up. And while I know this is mostly a marketing move for SIRM, I still like the idea that they're citing the courage and determination of infertility patients, and trying to give them a little boost along the way.

Image via goldberg/Flickr

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