Pre-Partum Depression, Sort Of ...

couple in bedMy husband and I have a happy life with our wonderful 3-year-old daughter. She's finally adjusted to our new home in her "big girl bed." She gave up her pacifier to the nukkie fairy. Her nap is a ritual of the past, freeing up our days for limitless activities and our nights, because her bed time is now a reasonable 8 p.m.

In one month, the life we worked so tirelessly to get to will be turned upside down with the arrival of our new son and we're not all that excited.


Of course, we cannot wait to meet the new addition to our family. BUT, we feel like we have finally hit our groove with our one daughter and now we have to begin the process all over again. For me, at least I can look forward to NOT being pregnant. My husband's life right now is full of sleeping through the night and watching uninterrupted Yankee games. Lately, the anticipation of our son's arrival makes him look like a man who's about to go off to war.

I was in the grocery store the other day and thought to myself, Wow! I'm so proud of my daughter. I can skip the diaper aisle now. Then I looked down at my huge bump and thought again, Wow. I will have to buy diapers again and probably for the next three years. BOOOOO!

I know it's really like "boo hoo." Poor me. I am about to get everything I've always dreamed of. I know it's absurd to be thinking like this, but it really is making us nervous. I feel like we are more scared this time than we were last time. Last time, we didn't know what we were in for. This time we fully know what's in store and we know that it's not always fun to clean up puke, do endless laundry, and to spoon feed someone.

I think the second we meet him, all of this anxiety will go out the window. But, I KNOW that once the baby is 3 years old, I'll be relieved.

Second-time moms, have you felt this way, too?


Image via eyeliam/Flickr

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