7 Reasons Pregnancy Rocks

Jill wrote about 10 Reasons Pregnancy Stinks, and I while I'm definitely not the type that runs around exclaiming how much of a "gift" and "miracle" pregnancy is, I really do think there are some serious benefits to it -- even when you're not being a diva.

I had two very different pregnancies, but there were a few special benefits about being pregnant that just plain rocked ... even if I was kind of taking advantage of it.

But hey, if I have to grow a creature inside of me that makes me poof up, hurt, vomit, get stretch marks and gain fat, I have to find SOME upsides to it, right?


1. A belly bulge is a good thing.

Rather than worrying about how flat my stomach was, pregnancy was a license to wear shirts that accentuated the belly bulge, or were tighter and still showed it. I actually loved being pregnant because a belly was a good thing and I felt better about my stomach -- my main hated area -- because it was like having permission for it not to be flat.

2. You get your first official "Get Out of Jail Free" card.

If you don't already have kids, welcome to the best thing that's happened to you since you could say "My mom says no." Between getting out of hanging out with your hubby when he wants to drag you to the in-laws or something else comes up you really want to avoid, no one questions, "I'm really not feeling great today. I need to just lay down." Just wait until you pop out the kid and you get a million more options, such as "He's got diarrhea" to "He's been up all night teething and we're exhausted."

3. You can be a bitch, and then blame it on hormones.

Not that I'm saying you should be a bitch all the time, then just blow it off, but let's face it -- you ARE going to have hormonal explosions. My husband did something to piss me off my last pregnancy, and I yelled, threw something hard into the sink, the stormed off to the bedroom. I took a few breaths, walked back out and said, "Yeah, um, sorry about that. Hormones." He looked relieved, to say the least. Another Get Out of Jail Free card!

4. You can cry over stupid stuff and not hide it anymore.

I think I'm broken because ever since I got pregnant with Rowan the dumbest stuff on TV makes me cry. A happy ending on a movie that is upbeat -- NOT sad -- can make me tear up. Commercials? I'm just glad I have DVR and can fast-forward. Sarah McLachlan, I'm a bleeding heart and animal rights activist, but that ASPCA commercial rips at my heart when I'm not pregnant, but when I am, I cry just seeing the first two seconds before I change the channel because I watched the whole thing ONCE and now know what's coming. At least when I cry like a moron over the stupidest things, I can blame it on the pregnancy.

5. You can finish your plate without feeling guilty.

Okay, so you can't totally pig out while pregnant, since you only need what, an additional 300 calories a day while pregnant. Most Americans eat well over a thousand calories too many a day, so if you're eating like THAT, you probably finish your plate anyway ... twice. While you may not be entitled to eating a whole chocolate cake in a day, as long as your diet is healthy and on-track otherwise, you should have no problem sneaking an extra big slice ... or two. And fortunately, people just smile and nod, because despite the facts, pregnant women are still expected to eat more. If questions, snarl, "I'm CRAVING it," and then use benefit #3.

6. You can buy new clothes and shoes.

A lot of maternity clothes are adorable, and you can buy non-maternity as well. Also, your feet can grow due to the extra weight and relaxin that makes them flatten out. So, if you buy wisely, some of this can easily end up in your post-pregnancy wardrobe as well. Especially if you layer with a belly band or long tank tops, you can buy a lot of shirts during your pregnancy that will fit great AND not make you look pregnant once you actually aren't.

7. You can draw or paint on yourself without being called childish.

Pumpkin painted bellies are a classic Halloween activity for the baby-baking ladies, and henna on the belly is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. While I still enjoy drawing on my foot or hand with a Sharpie sometimes, it's not a look I'm too eager to sport in public anymore. When you're pregnant, though, your belly becomes a canvas!


Okay, so Jill still wins because I can only think of 7 things that rock that without getting into the typical stuff like "Feeling a creature moving inside of you is awesome," so help me out here.

What other things did you like about pregnancy that had nothing to do with the baby?


Image via PhilsBabyMama/CafeMom

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