I'm Inducing Early. So What?

pregnant womanWith my first child, my doctor thought that she was measuring large, so she suggested that I induce seven days early. I did it. I checked into the hospital and from the second I walked into the Labor and Delivery ward, I was free and clear of worry. I was monitored during my entire labor and could ask questions constantly, and it just made my husband and me feel safe.

This time, although my doctor hasn't said anything about the size of my baby, I plan to induce seven days early again. People are very quick to comment on why I shouldn't do it.


I always welcome opinions. I even like it when strangers come up to me with unsolicited advice. I feel like, hey -- you never know when someone may have something valuable to say. BUT -- I don't like the comments when they are hostile. People seem to be pissed off at me for inducing and I think it's a really strange reaction.

The birth of our first daughter was really wonderful. We would like to follow the same plan so that we can have the same peaceful and very pleasant result -- a very worry-free, event-free, fun birth experience. Of course we know it may not go as planned, but we'd like to at least try to keep it as close as possible to the last time. But, when we tell people that we are inducing, they think that it's a bad plan and aren't shy to tell us.

They think that we should let nature take its course. That I should just wait until the baby is ready to come out. He'll let us know. I understand that on paper that is the perfect plan. But I don't think that is the right plan for my family. We would like to have our daughter squared away. We'd like to tuck her in the night we check into the hospital, be able to tell her what the plan is. We like to be monitored during our entire labor. We live in a time with so much modern technology and wonderful innovations in modern medicine, we'd like to take advantage of it.

Did anyone else find that people's two cents about their birth plan is or was hostile? Do you get pissed at people when you disagree with their birth plan?

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