7 Things to Avoid in Your Third Trimester

mexican foodSure the bad smells aren't AS bad and you may not be as likely to puke when you change out the dead flowers from your vase, but those last 10 weeks of pregnancy bring a whole new set of things to avoid. Read ahead and consider yourself warned ....


1. Going to the movies. It's different than watching a movie at home. The movie theater chairs are just not built for pregnant people. And it's very hard to avoid readjusting every three seconds when you are this big. Just wait for it to come out on DVD.

2. Your favorite non-maternity clothing store. You think you want a preview of what you may wear once you're back to your regular self, but walking in that store and seeing what you're missing isn't fun. Plus, it's going to take a while after baby comes out for you to be able to fit into it, so just save your time and money.

3. Foods with lots of cheese. Sure, you love Mexican food as much as the next guy, but cheese enchiladas don't sit the same way they used to. Just don't do it.

4. Annoying people. You know that co-worker who sometimes worms his way into your lunch group and you normally think of him as a non-factor? Well, now he's even more annoying than ever. AND you no longer have a filter so when he says something idiotic, you'll tell him.

5. Bad drivers. Of course there's no way to avoid them, really, but nothing is scarier than a pregnant person with road rage. Except for people who drive Priuses.

6. Looking at your ass in the mirror. Just keep your eyes to the front, please.

7. The grocery store check-out line with the person who still writes out a check. Really? I know you're old, but I also know that you have a debit card in there somewhere. Just use it.

Did I miss anything?

Image via jeffreyw/Flickr

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