Bethenny Frankel: Designer C-Sections Are Sick

Bethenny FrankelBethenny Frankel recently appeared on The Doctors to discuss a host of motherhood issues including rumors that celebrities are getting designer c-sections -- those in which women choose to skip the last month of pregnancy and have a c-section to avoid extra weight gain and prevent stretch marks.

Frankel, in her true fashion, didn't hold back at all when it came to her opinion.

"That's a sick, sick, sick person that should not be raising a child. They should be arrested."


But are they really happening? Would anyone woman really choose vanity over her baby's health?


From Victoria "Too Posh to Push" Beckham to Madonna and Claudia Schiffer, a smattering of celeb moms have been associated with the practice. But the doctor on the show says they're just rumors, that doctors wouldn't agree to deliver a baby without reason a full month early.

Hopefully, she's right, but c-sections in general are at an all time high -- one in three first-time pregnancies result in a baby born by c-section.

While part of the problem likely rests in the hands of physicians who may too easily resort to the practice, part of the problem also may lie with women who think of a c-section as an easier way and choose an elective c-section.

I had two c-sections (not by choice), and it's baffling to me that anyone would choose that course over a vaginal birth for any reason other than medical necessity. As Michele described in her recent article "A C-section Is NOT Convenient."

As the mother of a 27-week preemie who I would have taken stretch marks on my nose just to keep in for a few more weeks, I especially can't imagine anyone taking such a risk with their children's lives for vanity's sake and try to have an early c-section.

A pregnancy is designed by nature to last 40 weeks, and cutting it short -- willingly -- is, as Frankel said ... sick.

Babies born even at 37 to 38 show a higher risk for breathing problems, blood sugar problems, and serious infections. Even babies born a week early could be at higher risk for things like autism and deafness.

So I hope they're rumors, but I know quite a few women who have tried (some successfully) to get their doctors to bump up their delivery date at least a little because they're too uncomfortable or want to avoid a specific date or some other reason.

And while I well understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient those last weeks of pregnancy can be, letting pregnancy run its natural course -- as long as it may be -- is the best option.

Have you or anyone you know had a c-section early for vanity or convenience sake? What do you think of the practice?

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