Laila Ali Pregnant: The Second Time Is Nothing Like the First

Boxer Laila Ali, 32, is pregnant with her second child she just announced to People magazine yesterday.

The daughter of famous boxer Muhammad Ali, Laila's baby is due in April 2011. She and her husband Curtis Conway, 39, have one son -- Curtis Jr., 2, who Laila calls CJ.


Ali is already saying the second pregnancy is different than the first:

"I've noticed I'm putting on weight faster this time, I started showing sooner," Ali says. "Staying fit is a challenge, even if you are a former world-class athlete such as myself, because you just don't have the energy that you used to have. Also, I have to hold myself back because I want to work harder than I'm able to."

She's right. A second pregnancy is a whole other ball game. A few reasons:

  1. You have another kid to chase: Gone are the days of relaxation and pampered mama-to-be. It's all work, all the time now even as your body gestates.
  2. You show much sooner: I waited months to get my first baby bump. My second showed up almost as soon as the pee stick dried.
  3. The end of pregnancy is much longer: As anxious as I was the first time, I was losing my mind by the last month the second time around. It was maddening.
  4. Maternity clothes needed sooner: The first time, I could sneak into a few regular outfits even until my eighth month. The second time? No way.
  5. It's like pregnancy on speed: Everything as amplified the second time. The aches and pains, the Braxton-Hicks, the discomfort. It was like my body was more resistant to the changes the second time.

How was your second pregnancy different?


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