Is It Safe to Take Medicine During Pregnancy?

pillsYesterday I went to the OB/GYN with a list of ailments. I pretend that I'm a low-maintenance pregnant person, but really is there such a thing? I have really bad heartburn, a terrible sore throat, and I literally cannot sleep. And this is not literally in the Rachel Zoe sense. I seriously cannot sleep. So, I asked my doctor for antibiotics, a heartburn medicine prescription, and permission to take something that will help me get some shut-eye.

Three hours later I was popping my first dose of a Z-pak, Tylenol PM, and some Zantac. I talked to my friends and apparently I'm in the minority here. Many women don't even take one pain reliever during their entire pregnancy. Do you take drugs while pregnant?


I'm of the armchair doctor philosophy that it's better to be stress free and feeling healthy than suffering and feeling terrible. My throat is so sore, I can barely swallow. How is it better to suffer and possibly get sicker than to take an antibiotic? I'm in my last trimester and research hasn't even found proof that it's unsafe to take them.

I also tried everything to get myself to sleep. I don't nap, I stop eating after 8 p.m. I even drink decaffeinated tea. Nothing worked. I asked for the sleeping pills because I feel like it has to be healthier to sleep with the help of drugs rather than get 45 minutes of sleep a night. Right?

And the heartburn! I think this is a main component of me not being able to sleep. I popped so many Tums with no relief. In fact, I would lay in bed at night and come within inches of projectile vomiting in my bed. How is this better than popping something that can prevent this? It cannot be healthy for baby for me to be walking a thin line between being full and vomiting.

I commonly hear of women who suffer through migraine headaches because they are scared to take a pain reliever. Why suffer? Even taking strong prescription drugs for depression is recommended rather than let depression go untreated.

If doctors are giving the okay to take drugs, then how come so many women are scared to do it?


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