When Did You Decide On Your Baby's Name?

signsOne of the most special moments of any pregnancy is deciding on a name. In many ways, that one decision says a lot about who you think your child will be and what traits you value. A child named Willow Breeze is going to project a much different image to the world than one named Jane Marie even if they look, act, and are brought up exactly the same.

No pressure, though, right?

When to choose that all-important name is a bit of a crap shoot. Most people start working on a name once they find out the sex -- if they find out ahead of time. My brother and SIL though decided on the name of their child after she was born. My niece fits her name perfectly and the other two that were under consideration just would not have fit as well.


And then there's us. We had names picked out before conception, which I'm sure makes us weird. You have to understand I come from a family that spent literally years of dinner-table conversations discussing what to name our next dog. Also, we were trying to have a baby for a long time before we actually did, so discussing what we would name a baby was a way for us to keep hope alive when we felt discouraged.

That meant that we got some eye-rolls from my brother and SIL when they announced their pregnancy with their first child ... we told them there were two names they couldn't have, one boy and one girl (neither were names that occurred in either family or that their heart would be set on for other reasons). They honored our request, and now seven years later we have children with those exact two names. And thank goodness, both kids fit their names just about perfectly.

When did you decide on a name?


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