Can Infertility Be Funny?

Good EggsWithout a doubt, infertility can be one of the most depressing, challenging times in a woman's life. From feelings of helplessness to inadequacy, it's a journey of emotional ups and downs.

It's hard to see the humor in the situation when you're immersed in it, but it's there. Deep down beneath the piles of pregnancy tests (you peed on how many in one day?), it's lurking. If it can just be spotted, for some it may provide a small bright spot in the otherwise dark mess that can be infertility.

Phoebe Potts wanted to help women do just that and recently released a comic book memoir titled Good Eggs about her own personal struggle trying to get pregnant.


It has received rave reviews:

“Funny! Laugh out loud! Like so many women, Phoebe Potts is having a hard time getting pregnant. But her take on it is so original, clever, and insightful that it will bring a knowing smile to anyone who’s been there -- and even those who haven’t.” (Mary Jordan, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for The Washington Post)

“Nearly impossible to put down .... Fantastic .... Overwhelmingly likeable on the page, Potts tells the story of her and her husband’s frustrated efforts to have a child with equal parts comedy and pure narrative skill.” (Publishers Weekly)

As someone who went through many years of infertility -- both primary and secondary (lucky me) -- I'm thrilled to see Potts take this approach. It's one I never encountered during my journey, but wish I had.

I can imagine my husband flipping through it and pointing out a particularly funny comic when I was devastated once again at the absence of two lines on a test. I can imagine the two of us sitting there nodding and laughing through our tears -- and at least receiving a small bit of comfort knowing someone else got it, that we weren't the only ones.

That's one of the most difficult parts of infertility -- the isolation. It often seems like you're the only people who can't just get pregnant at the snap of your fingers, that you may be the only people you know who will never have children.

While there's nothing funny about that, sadness isn't going to help change anything either. 

But laughter, well, it's said to be the best medicine for a reason.

Have you experienced infertility? If so, were you able to see any humor in the midst of it?

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