Is It Possible to Not Know You Are Pregnant?


At this point, it is a common story. So common, in fact, that there is an entire show on Discovery Health about it:

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

Even still, every time a story like this comes up, it is shocking. Amanda Burger of Iowa rushed to the hospital last week with severe stomach pains and ended up leaving with a baby.

She had been 36 weeks pregnant.

The baby girl they named McKinlee is healthy and the parents seem happy, but one cannot help but wonder: how does this happen?

The first questions one might ask when they hear a story like this are obvious:

Was she morbidly obese? In this case, no. She claims people came up to her in the street and asked her if she was pregnant, but still she did not know. From the photos following the birth, she was a thin woman to begin with.

Didn't her period stopping clue her in? She claims she continued to mentruate as normal.

Didn't she feel the baby moving? The doctors and Burger were expecting a stillbirth because she had never once felt the baby move.

Why didn't she take a test? She claims she took six and all were negative.

If I believe everything I just wrote, then maybe I can believe that she did not know (maybe). I don't get it. I knew I was pregnant both times almost from the moment the sperm met the egg, so it is hard for me to imagine missing those signs.

Still, she says she was not sick and had no symptoms (although people asking you if you are pregnant seems like a "symptom" to me). She already has an 11-year-old son, so she knows what pregnancy feels like. Every pregnancy is different.

So, maybe it is possible?

What do you think?


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LoriA... LoriAnn87

Yeah I think it's possible. I went to high school with a girl who didn't know she was pregnant until she went into labor. And I also couple of more people were just like this girl in high school who had no clue either,

Jessi Snider

I don't think it's possible.  I think they're in DEEP denial.

2rays... 2rays0fsun

I guess nothing is impossible... but it's hard to believe she experienced any symptoms of pregnancy without consulting a doctor. Not least of which is a belly so huge, strangers off the street come up asking questions. Given she was still having her period, and feeling no movement, I think she would be even more concerned with such rapid, unexplained physical changes. If she wondered enough to take six pregnancy tests over the nine months, why wouldn't she consult her doctor? the most disturbing thing to me is there are women who disregard body signals and health to the point, they can BE pregnant for 36 weeks and not have a clue.

xavie... xavierlogan09

on that show most of the women have irregular or light periods. which is spotting not a period. most of them are overweight which would explain how they don't look pregnant or don't notice the weight gain. some of them don't feel the baby move because they are obese which makes it harder for them to feel the baby move. doctors say that you can get a false negative pregnancy test. the only way to know for sure is a blood test. my sister took pregnancy tests and they said she was pregnant but wasn't. i think if someone asked if you're pregnant then i'd go to the doctor to ask why i was gaining weight or to see if something was wrong with me. i think these women ignore the signs of pregnancy. some of them get morning sickness,gain weight,feel the baby move,get back pain and all kinds of stuff. they blame it on other things though.

Kristy Hinojosa

Could be possible if you've never had a child and there are little to no symptoms but this woman had a child and people were asking if she's pregnant?  I'd go to a doctor and have a blood test if I looked pregnant.  I also don't believe the "I never felt the baby move" story.  I'm sorry but if you have a smaller frame you are going to feel a 9 month fetus move inside of your body.  There is no way around it.  I've had two babies with anterior placentas (on top of the uterus) and the movements were very hard to feel until the baby got bigger and then they kicked the crap out of me.  Are you telling me that no once did she drink or eat something with sugar or caffeine that gets a baby moving around?  I think many of these people are lying.  Just like a high schooler not knowing she was pregnant is probably a case of knowing and being scared to death to tell anyone so she denied it to herself.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Of course it's possible. Much crazier things are possible.

In a two month period, TWO women in my town had this happen, and one of them is actually a friend of mine.

nonmember avatar nonmember

No, I don't believe for one minute it's even close to possible to not know you're pregnant. These stories fall into categories. It's either the high school or college studen who "didn't know" or the married woman who is just so busy with her life or wasn't trying for a baby or the single woman who had occasional sex and didn't expect to get pregnant. Every one of them says the same thing: either they don't get their period regularly or they got it the whole time so they could not possibly have known. And sorry, not buying that the baby never moved or they just didn't feel it. The only reason this keeps coming up is Discovery Health has a show on it and is likely paying these women for their stories. They're enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.

chicl... chiclet731

Amazing, people. She 'claims' this. She 'claims' that.  Wow.

I absolutely believe this happens everyday.

You people honestly think they are in DENIAL. Good grief.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I have been there...normal periods & NO symptoms what so ever...say it's denial all you want but until you've been there...don't judge people! Everyone these days is so damn judgmental...get over yourselves. Just because you knew you were pregnant doesn't mean everyone else is the same...last time I checked the Lord made each of us DIFFERENT!!!

harle... harleygirl880

I didn't know i was preggo until i was almost 4 months along with my second and someone said something to me about pregnancy and at that moment i realized I hadn't had a period in a couple months and my clothes were getting a bit tighter.  I was so pre-occupied in my life and what i was doing and places i was going-basically pre-occupied to think about it.  So i say "Yes" i think it is very possible. 

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