Is It Possible to Not Know You Are Pregnant?

At this point, it is a common story. So common, in fact, that there is an entire show on Discovery Health about it:

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

Even still, every time a story like this comes up, it is shocking. Amanda Burger of Iowa rushed to the hospital last week with severe stomach pains and ended up leaving with a baby.

She had been 36 weeks pregnant.

The baby girl they named McKinlee is healthy and the parents seem happy, but one cannot help but wonder: how does this happen?


The first questions one might ask when they hear a story like this are obvious:

Was she morbidly obese? In this case, no. She claims people came up to her in the street and asked her if she was pregnant, but still she did not know. From the photos following the birth, she was a thin woman to begin with.

Didn't her period stopping clue her in? She claims she continued to mentruate as normal.

Didn't she feel the baby moving? The doctors and Burger were expecting a stillbirth because she had never once felt the baby move.

Why didn't she take a test? She claims she took six and all were negative.

If I believe everything I just wrote, then maybe I can believe that she did not know (maybe). I don't get it. I knew I was pregnant both times almost from the moment the sperm met the egg, so it is hard for me to imagine missing those signs.

Still, she says she was not sick and had no symptoms (although people asking you if you are pregnant seems like a "symptom" to me). She already has an 11-year-old son, so she knows what pregnancy feels like. Every pregnancy is different.

So, maybe it is possible?

What do you think?


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