4 Ways Pregnancy Makes Your Skin Look Awesome

pregnant belly There are a lot of things our bodies go through during pregnancy and our skin is most affected. Stretching, acne, skin tags -- those are the not so fun things, but we also cannot deny the very good things pregnancy does for our skin.

Here are four ways pregnancy makes your skin look awesome.


You are healthier. By taking your prenatals with a large glass of water (and all the other large glasses of water you drink each day), you will be your healthiest, and in turn it will show on your face. Your baby is "taking" your nutrients from you, so in taking vitamins, you'll also have some extra for yourself. And we all know the power of water.

You are glowing. When pregnant, you have more blood volume, which makes your cheeks flush. Your skin will also naturally produce more oils, which will give your face that dewy look makeup artists strive to create. The pregnancy glow is real.

Your skin's thirst gets quenched. Skin can be more dry during pregnancy, which will make you turn toward moisturizer -- for face and body. Lotion is great to keep your skin looking better now and in the future.

You are smiling more. Everyone looks better with a smile and even on the worst of days during pregnancy, just thinking about your baby on the way can make things look up. Smiling is the cheapest and easiest way to look younger and more beautiful.


Image via seanmcgrath/Flickr

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