Scheduling a C-Section: What's the Big Deal?

date bookYears ago I had a pregnant boss who scheduled her induction early so that she would be able to attend the Emmy awards. It worked. She went, won the Emmy, and then went home, statue in hand, to her bouncing newborn baby.

Every August there are rumblings in the playground about women scheduling their c-sections around September 11 as no one wants that date for their baby's birthday. And there are people who just don't feel like being pregnant anymore. These days it's common to schedule your birth a week before your due date. Just ask your doctor. You can make your appointment the same way you'd schedule a business meeting or lunch date.

The question is, is it okay to make our lives more convenient when it comes to parenting?


Many people think this is wrong and selfish, but isn't it just part of modern medicine meeting society's wants and needs? Parents take advantage of modern day conveniences all the time. But when it comes to birth, people seem to get very upset.

There are dangers involved in inducing early. Some say that it can lead to a c-section. But many say having a c-section is perfectly fine and normal and in many cases feel there is no way around it. In fact, many mothers love the fact that their scheduled c-sections take the mystery and fear out of their birth equation.

As for scheduling your birth before the 39th week, there is some evidence that it isn't safe. The New England Journal of Medicine says that your baby is twice as likely to have respiratory problems if you do this. But, this still leaves the question open: After the 39th week, is it okay to plan your birth around your life?

Really what's the difference? Why not take advantage of the fact that you CAN attend that party, get the birth date you want for your baby, or make sure your husband will be home from that business trip? If mothers didn't take advantage of modern medicine, we'd all be delivering our babies with stirrups, a few towels, and a pot of boiling water -- a practice which never had any purpose in the first place.

What do you think about scheduled c-sections?


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