Best Hubby Ever: Bed Rest Is a Blast With This Guy!


Breakfast in bed is a luxury few of us ever receive, but when we're on bed rest, it's the only way to eat.

One dad-to-be saw how much his wife was suffering through bed rest after developing gestational diabetes, complete placenta previa, and an incompetent cervix.

Shirley Sirivong was also placed on a special diet. In other words: no movement, no fun, and no yummy food.

And that's when her husband got creative and thus earns the distinction of being the Best Husband Ever!

In the early months of bed rest, Shirley was only allowed egg whites, wheat bread, peanut butter, and a few fruits and veggies. Her husband Gat started making faces and silly things out of the food to lend it some cheer. Soon they became "elaborate scenes," Shirley said.

The gallery on is impressive and the love in each dish is obvious.

“It has all been very sweet and has helped with my spirits,” Shirley said. “It brings a smile to my face every morning, and I know it’s out of love that he does this for me.”

Despite the many complications that have arisen, Shirley says she's very grateful for the “precious life” thriving inside of her. “I treasure the opportunity to do what I can to bring a healthy baby into this world and into our lives.”

The baby is a boy and due on December 19. He is going to be very lucky to be born into a family full of such love.

Let's hear it for creative husbands!

Did your husband do anything like this during your pregnancy?


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Phils... PhilsBabyMama

I would feel very nauseous every morning.  My husband read that if you ate a little bit before you got out of bed that you'd feel better.  Every morning when he got back from PT he'd make some toast for me and leave it on our nightstand so I could nibble on it before I got up. Not sure if it actually helped, but it was super sweet. :)

xavie... xavierlogan09

every time i was throwing up my df would bring me a glass of water. he would always put crackers by our bed so i would have something to help with morning sickness.

nonmember avatar Gemology Mommy

My husband has been amazing! He gives me limitless back rubs, surprised me with jewelry when I found out I was on bed rest, and is always willing to get out of bed at night if I'm hungry or need a drink.

sodapple sodapple

not at all, but he still offering help whenever asked =-)

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