50 Halloween Baby Names: Would You Dare?

babies dressed up for halloweenDark, brooding, mystical, magical with a bit of spooky ooky thrown in -- Halloween-inpsired baby names are very enchanting. If I ever have another baby, there are quite a few contenders on this list for a boy or a girl.

The fanaticism of Twilight and True Blood have inspired vampires baby names, but my favorite holiday is also responsible for these delightfully haunting name choices.


Girl names

  1. Christine -- Stephen King's evil car is one hot rod of a name.
  2. Coraline -- Slightly sinister name from the animated film.
  3. Elvira -- The original mistress of the dark.
  4. Jezebel -- Evil-minded Phoenician princess who became Queen.
  5. Luna -- The moon goddess. Latin for moon.
  6. Raven -- From Edgar Allan Poe's poem.
  7. Tempest -- Means violent disturbance.
  8. Morticia -- The mother from The Addams Family.
  9. Wednesday -- Morticia's daughter.
  10. Carrie -- Stephen King's prom Queen.
  11. Rosemary -- Rosemary's Baby is one of the scariest horror films ever.
  12. Sabrina -- More "Halloween Lite," just like Sabrina, the teenage witch.
  13. Samantha -- The bewitching mom on Bewitched.
  14. Tabitha -- Samantha's daughter.
  15. Lilith -- Thought to be a Biblical she-demon who dabbled in witchcraft.
  16. Willow -- Means graceful and lithe ... almost ghostly.
  17. Esmeralda -- The gypsy woman loved by The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  18. Gertrude -- Meaning "spear" and "strength."
  19. Persephone -- Greek Queen of the underworld.
  20. Midnight -- Everyone's witching hour.
  21. Lenore -- Dead girl from Edgar Allan Poe poem.
  22. Jinx -- Magic charm.
  23. Heloise -- French nun who betrayed her faith and had an affair.
  24. Salem -- Where the witch trials happened.
  25. Desdemona -- Means ill-fated in Greek and thanks to Shakespeare.

50 halloween baby names 

Boy names

  1. Dante -- Great poet who wrote about hell.
  2. Edgar -- After the dark poet, Edgar Allan Poe.
  3. Poe -- His last name makes a great first name, for boys or girls.
  4. Bram -- Bram Stoker wrote Dracula.
  5. Damien -- The Omen's demon child.
  6. Lucifer -- The devil himself.
  7. Hades -- Ruled the underworld in Greek mythology.
  8. Osiris -- The Egyptian King of the underworld.
  9. Odin -- The God of death, magic, and poetry.
  10. Phoenix -- A mythological beast and symbol of immortality.
  11. Draco -- Greek for dragon or serpent.
  12. Frankenstein -- Frank for short. Frankie for cute or even a girl.
  13. Vlad -- The Impaler.
  14. Igor -- Often a hunchback lab assistant in old horror films.
  15. Casper -- The friendly ghost.
  16. Jason -- Voorhees: King Scary of the slasher flicks.
  17. Jack -- Go with Pumpkin or Jack "Jack O-Lantern."
  18. Edward -- For Cullen and Scissorhands.
  19. Thorne -- Very goth.
  20. Night -- Strong name ... and when mischief happens.
  21. Aleister -- "Mr. Crowley" was very involved with the occult.
  22. Darth -- Darth Vader was a bad dude on Star Wars.
  23. Fester -- The uncle on The Addams Family.
  24. Hannibal -- "The Cannibal" may become a vegetarian.
  25. Lestat -- Anne Rice's vampire played by Tom Cruise.

Would you name your child one of these Halloween-inspired names?


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