Could Your Pregnancy Ruin Your Marriage?

Matt Damon's wife Luciana Barroso is pregnant for the fourth time and she has had it.

"She's been pregnant basically for more than half of the last five years and she's been nursing the other half so I've definitely asked about as much as I can from my wife," the star actor told

I know her pain. I also had multiple children in rapid succession (although only two) and there does come a point where enough is enough. It's common knowledge that our hormones go crazy during pregnancy, but is it possible that we could go too far? Is it possible we may ask too much of our spouses while we "suffer" through pregnancy?


I didn't enjoy pregnancy and I make no secret of that. Even still, it's unbelievably awesome that our bodies can do it. Throughout my pregnancy, my own husband told me how envious he was of it, and despite the weight gain and nausea and hormones, I could see why.

Barroso is lucky to have a husband as understanding as Damon. Many men don't necessarily understand all of the changes and get frustrated with their wife's mood swings and demands.

I can't say I blame them.

There seems to be this expectation when we're pregnant that we should be able to do and say and act however we want. It's understandable if you expect a few more foot rubs and more understanding than usual, but it's also possible to do real damage to your marriage if you go too far.

The pregnant woman who expects her husband to wait on her hand and foot just because she's pregnant is doing herself a disservice. After all, active pregnancies are healthier pregnancies. But it also contributes to this global sense that a pregnant woman is a delicate flower who mustn't be disturbed. It's a bit like the boy who cried wolf.

Obviously, some pregnancies are worse than others and anyone who has suffered through nine months of constant nausea or bed rest probably has another story to tell, but in a typical, healthy pregnancy, there is no reason a woman can't get up and make her own cheese sandwich or move a small box or take the subway without complaining.

Ask too much of your partner and it could lead to resentment, which could lead to other problems.

Do you expect a lot from your husband during pregnancy?


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