6 Really Unnecessary Baby Products

When a mom-to-be registers for her baby shower, or goes shopping for baby supplies, it's insanely overwhelming. It's almost impossible to figure out what you're going to need and want, and what you are going to end up hating.

Ask any mom friend, and one will swear by her changing table, and the next will insist it's a waste of money because you'll never use it.

Manufacturers want to assure you that you need their product -- that your life will be a thousand times easier if you just shell out some dough. Sometimes that's true! Sometimes it's just something you'll toss in a corner and never touch. And occasionally, the product is actually dangerous. Here are 6 baby items you really don't need.



#1. Anything for the car seat.

If it didn't come with your car seat, you can't put it on there. This means no JJCole BundleMe, no infant head support, no lap-toys, no special blankets that go around the straps (though all of these are fine for strollers). This also means no car seat "helper" tools, like the Mighty Tite that supposedly helps you get a better installation -- but can over-tighten your seat belt causing it to snap, and even shred it.

The only exceptions are shower-cap style infant car seat covers -- that is, things with elastic around the outside that just go over the seat, and any add-ons APPROVED by the manufacturer of your specific car seat.

#2. Talc baby powder.

I think it's common knowledge that inhalation of talc baby powder can cause very serious breathing problems and even death. Yet most households still have this product. If you've got it, toss it. Cornstarch-based powders are just as effective and much safer. And so many moms don't even use powder in any form, so it's not even necessary.


#3. Bumbo seats.

It's going to be a while before your newborn can even sit in this (if you even want him to sit in it), so just skip it. If your baby is not ready to sit upright, don't use a product to force her to do so.




#4. The Flying Falcon

File this one under ridiculous. The Flying Falcon is a strap that you wrap around your car seat and then throw over your shoulder. Doesn't that look comfortable? She's even on her cell phone! Seriously ... if you want hands-free baby carrying, either buy a safe sling or wrap or put your seat on a stroller.

Remember too that a car seat that is not at the correct angle can cause the baby to suffocate. I highly doubt this thing keeps the seat at the required angle the entire time.


#5. Bottle-propping devices.

The one pictured has the same issue as the one above -- you can't leave a baby in a seat that isn't installed at the proper angle, but also, bottle-propping is dangerous. You couldn't use this in the car (how many times would it smack baby in the face?) and if you're out of the car and need to feed, just pick up your baby. 

Bottle propping can be helpful for moms of multiples, but you still have to supervise your baby the entire time. No getting up to walk away for any reason, ever (which, to be honest, is probably one of the biggest problems with bottle-propping ... aside from the lack of physical contact). I know we need to multitask, but take a few minutes to bond with baby when she is eating. No one likes to dine alone.

#6. Walkers.

Fortunately these are being phased out, but tons of people still buy them at second-hand stores or get them as hand-me-downs. Babies who aren't mobile yet aren't ready to be -- plain and simple. Walkers can get babies to areas where they can reach unsafe things, they can fall down stairs, but most importantly, they don't help babies learn to walk -- in fact, they can cause delays in motor development, and they're bad for the hips and pelvis, too.



What baby products do you think are unnecessary?


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