9 Distasteful Pregnancy Costumes

girl scout pregnant

Pregnant Girl Scout

Move over Pregnant Nun costumes. Make room for pregnancy costumes that are way more distasteful than those.

If shock value is the name of the game this Halloween, here are several pregnant costume ideas to get the creativity flowing. And we have to admit, while some of these costumes made our jaws fall open, a few of them made us chuckle. A lot.


What to do with that pregnant belly this Halloween, that is the question. Do you just dress up as if the belly isn't there? Or do you come up with a creative way to make your belly a special part of your Halloween get-up -- or a prop of sorts.

Of course, on Halloween, there are always the people who go over the top with their costumes, and the year they're pregnant probably isn't going to be any different, right? Check out how these nine people had a little fun with their giant bellies.

9 Distasteful Pregnancy Costumes

1. Pregnant Girl Scout (shown above)

2. Drunk & Pregnant Britney Spears

3. Pregnant Battered Wife (just wrong, but I love that Beeker costume!)

abused wife costume

4. Pregnant Zombie (this scares me)

pregnant zombie

5. Gun-Totin' Mama (don't carry real guns, okay?)

gun toting mom pregnant

6. Pregnant Man (based on what appears to be the second pregnant man)

pregnant man

7. Scary Pregnant Demon (move over Linda Blair!)

pregnant demon

8. Knocked Up Pabst-Blue-Ribbon-Drinking Hindu Goddess (that's a mouthful)

kati goddess costume pregnant

9. Pregnant Teenager (oh dear)

pregnant teen

Are you planning to dress up your belly this Halloween?

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