Pregnancy Isn't a License to Eat Whatever You Want

cupcakesOne of the greatest things about pregnancy is that you can eat and eat and eat and it's fine. Nothing bad will happen, right? Wrong. Did you know you are only supposed to eat 300 more calories a day than you would if you were not pregnant. That's not even a cupcake.

But it's hard to stay on point when everyone I know tells me not to worry about what I'm eating. They encourage me to go for it. This is the one time in my life I have a free ticket to cupcakes. I'm eating for two, so who cares? Well, my husband, my kids and I will all care when my pregnant eating turns me into a non-pregnant, miserable, overweight, and unhealthy mom.


We can't overindulge on our favorite foods guilt free nor can we gorge on unlimited amounts of junk. Our girlfriends and movies and society made up some myth that being pregnant is a legitimate excuse for women to let go when it comes to their diet.

So many of us gain a lot of weight and then never get back to our original size. Some hide behind their children, claiming that they are so happy with motherhood that their extra pounds don't even cross their mind. And even worse, they tell themselves that their kids aren't affected by their eating. As if we aren't affected by our parents eating habits? I don't think so.

If you ask any woman if they could snap their fingers and lose 10 pounds, they'd all say, "YES!" If they were being honest. Sometimes even the skinny women. Being overweight or not happy with your body is uncomfortable and it's a horrible example for your kids.

During my first pregnancy, I ate everything under the sun. I even went to diners and ordered cheese fries and milk shakes. I ate as if I were a teenager on the track team. I wasn't. I was a humongous pregnant person who then had to work extremely hard to lose my few (yeah, right) extra pounds.

So, this pregnancy I've tried much harder to watch what I'm eating. I still don't go to the gym, but I do walk places. I eat ice cream, but in the form of diet ice pops. I eat cheese fries, but I bake them in my oven and use low fat cheese. I don't want to become a fat mom who pretends it doesn't bother me.

Are you secretly unhappy with the weight you've been gaining in your pregnancy?


Image via clevercupcakes/Flickr

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