Penelope Cruz Pregnant: It's Beautiful Baby Time!


Penelope Cruz and husband Javier Bardem ended months of speculation today when her agent announced that the actress is, indeed, four months pregnant.


Cruz's bump watch has been one of the most heated around the world after photos of her surfaced looking markedly larger than usual. I am sure this baby will be undeniably gorgeous with two parents like Cruz and Bardem.

My husband, on the other hand, refers to Cruz as "tiny head."

There seems to be a host of actors and actresses in Hollywood on which men and women cannot agree. Most men find Gisele Bundchen stunning, but beyond her hair and amazing bod, I think she kind of looks like a horse.

Cruz is stunning to most women, but many men are mixed on her, it seems.

Some women -- Natalie Portman, Monica Bellucci -- are universally accepted as being lovely. Others like Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Love Hewitt or Jessica Alba appeal more to men while Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman appeal more to women.

Meanwhile no man gets the appeal of actors like Javier Bardem ("he's fat!" my husband cries) or Russell Crowe. We women see the raw masculinity while men seem to think we should only be attracted to the Ashton Kutchers and Ben Afflecks of the world.

The disparity often seems to have more to do with the body versus face dilemma. Men seem to prefer a cute face and curvy body while women go for classic beauty and very thin bodies. Men seem to think women should want only cut men while women are often drawn to men who are uber-masculine regardless of bod.

It does make for amusing conversation among the sexes, of course. In my mind, Penelope Cruz is one of the most beautiful women in the world and she's married to one of the sexiest men. I have no doubt the two of them will make amazing parents and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

After putting up with Tom Cruise for so long and then watching him rebound (and have a child) with Katie Holmes, I wish her nothing but happiness!

Are there beautiful people over whom you and your spouse disagree?

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nonmember avatar purplebug20

well I guess every woman/human has a animal equivalent because I always thought aside from Penlopes dark exotic looks, she looked like a turtle in the face. still think so. take away her dakr hair and its a turtle.

happy... happymom1988

purplebug20 u made me laugh really really hard lmao i feel the same way lol

a lot of ppl from hollywood are fuckly and cuz of the money they got there call "sexy " , plz ! give me a break !


that gisele but-shit is fuckly and she thinks she a heroin ! please , she acts like a jerk about motherhood braggin and criticizing moms around the world (try the bfing comment as an exemple !)


anyways , i have seen cuter guys taht arent famous ! lol

happy... happymom1988

ohh ! im sorry for being mean , or honest , but everyone says how jlo is super hot and shit like that and look at her twins ! double the ugly  ! lol but cuz theyre her kids they are called cute or adorable lol


please liars !

Courtney Puzzo

that's modern day hollywood for you and I too laughed when the first poster called Pennelope a turtle. as the first Play one of my favorite actresses ever appeared in on broadway was Voice Of The Turtle.

not all celeb moms who breast feed make the same insensitive comments about it that Gisele does. and it's not like an actress can get fired for it now like they could 40 years ago like Lynn Redgrave did from a TV show in england.

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