Even Small Amounts of Caffeine May Contribute to Low Birth Weight

I wrote a post recently asking moms-to-be if they'd given up caffeine and noting that some research has suggested that consuming moderate amounts of caffeine while pregnant poses no risk to the developing baby. Now a new study says that may not be the case.


New research from the British Medical Journal website says that consuming caffeine at any time during pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of fetal growth restriction (or low birth weight). Findings also suggest that any amount and type of caffeine consumed -- coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, and some prescription drugs -- is linked with the slower growth rate.

Talk to your doctor, of course, about what's right for you.

Baby mamas-to-be receive a ton of conflicting information from experts, doctors, friends and family -- what's your philosophy for sifting through it all to make your daily decisions about diet, exercise, baby gear, and more?

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