10 Things That Smell Worse When Pregnant

Holding NoseThere are things that smell gross to a normal person. There are things that smell horrible to a person with a strong sense of smell. Then are the odors that let us know that we are indeed with child. Hormones are to blame, but there is nothing that can prepare you for the stench that lurks beneath your nose.

Here are 10 odors that smell even worse when you are pregnant.


1. Cigarette smoke. I smoked for many years and always LOVED the smell of cigarettes. Walking down a street behind someone who is smoking or past the doorway of a restaurant where smokers are hanging out has a gag effect like no other.

2. The fish department at the grocery store. Cart past this aisle and you may become so grossed out that you will become a vegetarian.

3. Stale urine on the streets. I live in Los Angeles and there are public places that although lovely tend to attract homeless people. They may use the same sidewalk you walk on with your family as a toilet. Hey, if I were homeless I'd live in Santa Monica, too, but that waft of their toilet to a pregnant person is tough stuff.

4. The cheese shop. Sure. you crave all sorts of cheeses. You indulge. BUT -- walk into a shop that devotes its life to cheese while you are with child and feel your throat tighten up quicker than you can say Cheddar.

5. Buffalo wings. Whether or not you eat them, they always have a strong smell. When you are pregnant and those wings are brought within 10 feet of you -- you now know what it's like to work at Hooters.

6. Sour dairy. Forget checking the date on your milk. Just walk by your fridge and you'll know if you should toss the carton.

7. A toddler's poop. It's so hard to keep your smile when you are faced with the poop of your first child. Is this what your husband feels like when he claims he's had a "sensitive nose" all these years?

8. Beer. How could something that smells so refreshing go in such a hideous direction. Don't go to the ball park without caution and just make it a rule not to take out the recycling ever.

9. Bad breath. Usually your sense of smell isn't strong enough to detect most peoples' breath. At a restaurant the other day, the server was reading the specials and I could smell her breath from my seat. Needless to say, I ordered off the printed menu.

10. Pets. I'm not one for animals anyway, but homes that house pets or even walking by a pet store at the mall is really foul. The smell is so bad it makes me think humans and animals shouldn't live together.

What smells get to you during your pregnancy?

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