You Might Be a Pregnant Diva if ...

pregnant with tiara on bellyPregnancy has come a long way, baby.

Sure, the basics of a growing a baby haven't changed much -- get egg fertilized, grow and nurture for nine months, and then get it out, somehow. But the pomp and circumstance leading up to the blessed event, and the treatment of the women at the center of it all, have undergone some major updating.

While women who went before us cleaned caves until they felt a contraction, then squatted, gave birth, and went back to the cave upkeep, women today expect just a little more.

Not that there's anything wrong with it. Growing a baby is a lot of hard work, and mammas-to-be making themselves more comfortable is great. But some of the things pregnant women want/expect/"need" today are a little extravagant, to say the least.

Some women indulge more than others -- the pampered pregnant princess and labor and delivery divas of the maternity world. Here are seven signs that you might be one:


1. Pregnancy Massage Wonderful, beneficial, and lovely, but only for a few is it actually a necessity, especially every week. Though feel free to tell your husband or mother-in-law with deep pockets otherwise.

2. Baby Moons These pre-baby getaways are becoming as de rigueur as a birth certificate in certain circles. And the more extravagant, the better -- Paris, the Bahamas, beaches, mountains -- mama needs to get in one last hurrah before baby. Hooray!

3. Extravagant Baby Showers Forget a few women playing with toilet paper and sipping punch from a plastic bowl, showers these days can range from couple parties complete with full sit-down dinners to high teas. And the more, the better -- no princess would have just one shower, of course, especially if she's hoping to score some expensive, designer baby clothes.

maternity gown4. Designer Maternity Clothes Out with the old, unflattering maternity wear, in with sexy designer fashions. From jeans that cost more than a crib to dresses that set you back as much as a year's worth of diapers, you too can be stylish no matter how big you are.

5. Pregnancy Portraits A wonderful way to document this special time in your life, in black and white, and in color, and naked, and on the beach and ... Just make sure they're not awkward.

6. Designer Hospital Gowns No princess should be subject to a standard-issue hospital gown. From Diane von Furstenberg to disposable gowns that look like dresses (see picture on the left), there's no reason to look plain while pushing.

7. Macked-Out Maternity Suites If you can shell out the dough, many hospitals will provide you with a five-star stay. Not only can you rent movies and get spa treatments in your beautifully decorated room, you can dine on gourmet cuisine prepared personally for you by a chef in hospitals across the country.

If you score three or less, you don't qualify for diva status; three to five, and you're pretty perked out; five or more, and you've earned your tiara. Speaking of which, that may make a pretty nice push gift.

Where do you or did you rank in your pregnancy?

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