6 Maternity Tops for Nerds-to-Be

geek maternityNews flash. Geeks get pregnant too. 

And all this whining about how maternity clothes are too frumpy bugs the bejesus out of them too.

There are fashionistas in the IT department,  it's true, but with all the time spent blowing dust out of keyboards and trying to roll their eyes about the fifth time you've locked yourself out of IM, how about something a little comfy to slip into?



1. Please Wait ... Baby Loading. $12 at House Hold Words. Get it for the patient programmer who puts up with your crap.

baby inside2. Baby Inside. $20 at KSS Maternity. Get it for the lady in IT who helped explain what kind of processor you needed on your home computer.

due date stamp3. Due Date Postmark. $28 at Culpepper General. Get it for the philatelist (that's stamp collector) who is posting her pregnancy updates on Facebook.

Geek Inside4. Geek Inside. $22.99 at Think Geek. Get it for the happy couple ... of Geeks.

proof geeks have sex5. Proof Geeks Have Sex. $25 at CafePress. Get it for the geek with a sexy sense of humor.

iDueiDue6. iDue. $24 at CafePress. Get it for the geek who can't put down her iPhone.

Would you wear one of these?

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