Peter Krause and Lauren Graham Baby Talk


They may play brother and sister on ABC's Parenthood, but Lauren Graham and Peter Krause have more than just sibling rivalry going on off-screen.

The two have been dating for months, but have been reluctant to be public about it, largely because of their on-screen relationship. But as someone who loved him since Six Feet Under and her since Gilmore Girls, I couldn't be happier to know they're more than just siblings off-screen.

Can we say yummy?

And now they may get even yummier. The two, who have been dating less than a year, are already talking babies.

"I would like to be part of a family, however that looks," she says. "Family is really important to me," Graham told Redbook this month.

Is it wrong that I hope they will make babies? Those babies would be like the perfect fusion of witty, funny, and sexy -- just like them.

Krause is good looking, yes, but he also radiates calm intelligence. Both play parents on Parenthood and on their previous shows, and both radiated the kind of parental attitude that works best: calm and cool.

Lorelai Gilmore made me so envious. Not because I wanted to be a teen single mom, but because that kind of best friendship in parenthood is so hard to find. They had inside jokes and things they loved to do together. That show was like comfort food for the soul whenever I missed my mom who died when I was 16.

Meanwhile Krause played a complicated character in Nate Fisher and he did it well. We aren't black and white creatures, and as an actor, Krause seemed to understand that. Good parenting is all about understanding our flaws and knowing we aren't perfect and that we'll make mistakes. We have to forgive ourselves for them.

Obviously I know these shows are fiction and these two are good actors, but there is something about them that screams good parents to me.

Let's hope they get on it!

Do you think they would make good parents?


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sstepph sstepph

Yes! I love lauren graham (im watching gilmore girls now ;) )

ethan... ethans_momma06

O.k. I just love her and wish she was my mom  anyway.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I love her!  Gilmore Girls in the only show I've ever stayed faithful to from Pilot to Series Finale, and I like Parenthood.  I had no idea Krause was her man - I don't dig him so much, but I'm sure they'd make great parents.

JobyDay JobyDay

We've loved Peter Krause since Sports Night. Yeah for them.

Ella Andersen Alley

I love Lauren Graham, I was always wondering why she never dated Luke from the Gilmore Girl show, because they both were single, but Peter Krause and her make a very cute couple good for them. Happy for them :)

MomIWant MomIWant

I love her!  I agree with Ella, I always thought she should have dated Luke - hee hee! 

nonmember avatar Meg

So glad Lauren is finally dating. I love Gilmore girls so much. I have also gotten the mom vibe from her.

Sofia Robbin Sloan-Torres

Heck Yeah she/They would and I bet Peter is and would make another great daddy again would be so jelous of having 2 totally hot, awesome, amazing, sexy, witty, cool laidback parents.

nonmember avatar bubble

Lauren Graham and Scott Pattersn should have babies.

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