Hot Mama! Pregnant Does Not Have to Mean 'Frumpy'

This Flickr photo shows something we rarely see: a hot pregnant woman who is not about to hide it.

For me, pregnancy wasn't a sexy time. I didn't feel the same "Earth Mother" vibe so many of my friends describe. Instead I felt only stretched and swollen.

But for the ones who did feel hot, this is a look they could rock.


OK, so yes, she clearly keeps up with her appearance, and judging from the muscle tone in her legs, this is a woman who knows her way around the gym.

I was always so envious of those women who looked so toned and taut everywhere but in their belly. I was one of those women who just spread everywhere. Looking back on photos, I wish I had appreciated it more, though. No matter how bad you think you look, you always look much more appealing to others.

This woman must be seven months pregnant, sporting high-heeled knee-high boots and a short dress and I must say: She looks fantastic. It's definitely a "do" on her.

What do you think? Would you ever go for this look?


Image via jordanfischer/Flickr

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