What Will You Miss About Pregnancy?

pregnantThere seem to be two varieties of pregnant women: the "nine months of glowing bliss" kind, and the "this is FOR THE BIRDS" kind. I'll admit it, just like Sasha did: I did not like pregnancy. And I feel kind of bad saying that.

I had to fight like hell to get there in the first place, so it sounds kind of ungrateful to admit I didn't exactly love it once I did. And, I had ridiculously easy pregnancies both times ... no puking, nausea gone by 15 weeks, and one big scare per pregnancy that turned out fine, so I feel like a big wuss admitting my ambivalence given what some of my friends have gone through. 

So it's even stranger to admit that now that door has been closed ... or should I say, ahem, been snipped ... I am struck with feelings of envy and even a little wistfulness when I'm around a pregnant woman.


See, while I didn't love the physical or emotional state of pregnancy, I miss the life stage. What is more exciting than knowing you're growing a new human being? And not just any human being, but a person who will change your life in ways you can't even imagine, someone you will love like you've never loved anyone else?

Also, I just adore my kids, and it's been pretty much the coolest part of my whole life to see them go from mere minutes old to the funny, bright little people they have become. Looking at a pregnant woman and knowing she still has that amazing moment of meeting her baby ahead of her makes me feel a twinge of envy ... and, if it's a friend, also a great deal of excitement for her, especially a first-time mom. They don't know yet exactly how incredible that moment is going to be, but I do.

What will you (or do you) miss about pregnancy?

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