Stolen Pregnancy Test Leads Cops to Pot House: Who's the Baby?

pregnancy testA woman whose stolen pregnancy test led police to the doorstep of a home where she was maintaining 200 marijuana plants should serve as a warning sign to you.

If you're the type who has ever thought of swiping a pregnancy test, you probably aren't ready for motherhood.

Even if you don't have a grow operation hiding in your home, you're still thisside of grown up enough for this.


It all comes down to WHY you're so freaked about the test.

When you were 17 and you made the guy go pick up the test because you were, well, 17, you weren't ready for motherhood.

On the other hand, when you were 27 and you happened to be trying for a baby but knew the clerk had an inordinately large mouth, you weren't embarrassed ... you were realistic.

I dig the idea of pregnancy tests inside vending machines to avoid the latter because I know what it's like to live under a microscope in a small town.

But I'd love to sit every female in the world down and put them through an exercise in visualizing the process of buying a pregnancy test.

If she can't do it without blushing -- or worse, debating theft -- she needs to get on the pill, get an IUD, close her legs ... something ... stat.

So how did you buy your test?

Did you sashay up to the counter and throw it down?

Did you sneak it in between the bread and the milk?

Or did you turn tail and run at the sight of the belly on the box?


Image via love♡janine/Flickr

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