Pregnancy Undercover: Early Pregnancy Is Tough


Pregnant actress Christina Applegate has been making the talk show rounds to promote her new movie Going the Distance, but she is also proclaiming how pregnancy is making her evil. Interestingly, some blogger commented that he or she was surprised she was so cranky since she isn't showing so much yet.

Needless to say, I am positive that person has never been pregnant.

This is one of those annoyances that come with the pregnant territory: in first trimester, when you're probably feeling as bad as you're going to your whole pregnancy, no one knows why you're suddenly acting moody, being persnickety about food and going to bed at 8 pm. You're not showing, and you likely haven't told anyone beyond your closest friends and family, and maybe your boss.

So what does a newly pregnant lady have to do to get a little sympathy


Late pregnancy is its own kind of discomfort, but you're pretty much a walking protrusion by that point so everyone knows why you sigh before you have to get up out of a chair, for example. In early pregnancy, you're exhausted, nauseous, your boobs hurt ... and since you don't look any different (except for those ginormous new boobs), it can be hard to convince people that you're not faking or whining. You really genuinely do feel awful, and it would really be helpful if people would cut you even a little slack.

Generally, women who have been pregnant get it ... I had easy pregnancies with no actual puking and was still miserable during my first trimester. Other people, particularly the ones who got us into this condition in the first place, are sometimes not so understanding.

It's really hard to be in those early stages of growing a baby. The best advice is to be as clear as you possibly can with the people who care about you, and let them know you're miserable and you need help. Then be ready with concrete, realistic ways that they can help. If you need your husband to do more around the house, or your best friend to agree to after-work coffee dates versus late dinners to catch up, tell them.

Trust me ... this will be excellent practice for after you have the baby and haven't showered in four days and desperately need someone to hold the baby for an hour.

What was your first trimester like?


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