Free Ultrasounds? Sign Me Up!

A pregnancy center in Georgia is offering pregnant women between 6 to 28 weeks the free-of-charge chance to check out their womb contents.

Where do I sign up?

OK, so I'm no longer pregnant, but when I was, I would have been there two times a day.

The idea here is that if they show the pregnant woman the fetus she's carrying, she will no longer want to have an abortion. But I'll admit, during my first pregnancy, I would have gladly pulled a Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and bought my own ultrasound machine.

As it was, I had the fetal heart monitor and did constant kick counts. Yes, I'm a bit neurotic.


According to WALB, the center had this to say:

"We really want them to see that there is a life and that there is a choice to make. A lot of times, Media tells you that abortion is the only option and that's not true and we care about women, in general said RN Nurse Manager Abby Dampier.

I question the motives, but I would gladly have taken the opportunity to look at my baby time and again, no questions asked.

Is that crazy? Maybe.

Pregnancy is a nerve-wracking time and the only time I felt most at ease with the health of my growing baby was when the technician was waving her magic wand over my belly. I would have gladly sat through a "are you planning to keep your baby" speech for the opportunity to have complete peace of mind.

Most OBs recommend that pregnant women get a minimum number of ultrasounds and I knew this even when I was pregnant, but every time they offered me another, I jumped at the chance. So this? Might have appealed to me in my crazy preggo state.

Would anyone else have wanted this?

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