Hospital Bag Essentials

Is your hospital bag packed yet? I was in denial about packing mine -- like, if I didn't pack the bag, I wouldn't have to go to the hospital and give birth (!). You know how that one turned out.

But what should you pack? Baby hat and adorable going-home outfit, yes, but what else will you be really happy to have? It's definitely a topic of great discussion around here. I asked moms-to-be in Pregnancy and moms who'd already given birth in Answers what they thought the hospital bag essentials were -- and TroubleNStereo posted an awesome list in Due January 2009.

Top 10 Most Overlooked Hospital Essentials:


10. Your own pillow -- you'll appreciate having something comfy and familiar once the birth is over and you have time to rest.

9. A change of clothes and a toothbrush for your husband -- in fact, you might consider packing a small, extra bag for his stuff.

8. A DVD player -- you may need to pass some time either before delivering or after (especially if you wind up with a C-section and have to remain in the hospital for a few days.)

7. A prepaid phone card, in case your hospital won't allow cell phones.

6. A small blow-up mattress for your partner -- it'll beat trying to get some sleep in the hospital chairs.

5. Plenty of snacks for you and your partner -- hospital food is yucky and it'll beat the vending machine.

4. The phone list of who to call.

3. Hair brush and ties to pull your hair back.

2. Your journal or baby book to begin recording memories, since Mommy Brain begins to set in almost immediately after delivery.

1. Not-so-nice undies. Boxes full. Because after wearing one pair for about an hour, you will never want to see them again.

Anything else surprising that you think would be a help to delivering moms at the hospital?

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