Can Patience Prevent a C-Section?

pregnant womanIn those final few weeks of pregnancy, you're huge, you're achy, you're anxious and excited to meet the newest member of your family. Maybe you try to nudge your doctor into an early induction, or perhaps he or she has a schedule conflict and suggests one to you.

Whatever the source, that rush to the delivery deadline could be responsible for the soaring rate of C-sections in this country (it has doubled since 1996), according to a new study released in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Researchers found that when women were induced, they were twice as likely to require a C-section as those who went into labor on their own.


"Our study cannot directly say induction causes C-section, but it does provide some clue that either people may not be patient enough or something is going on that we're not really sure about," said the lead author, Dr. Jun Zhang.

I had two C-sections -- the first one was an emergency at 27 weeks and the second was scheduled for my due date -- so I didn't ever have an opportunity to ask for an early induction. But I bet I would have.

I was so ready for my daughter to come and, honestly, so ready to not be pregnant anymore that I tried to get my doctor to bump up my C-section date. He wouldn't, and I'm glad, because I know the longer the baby stays in there, the better. But it's sometimes hard to see that through the blur of discomfort and impatience in the final weeks.

Armed with the information in this new study, however, I don't think I would ever ask for an induction. I would just tough it out until the baby was ready ... or so says my non-pregnant self.

Sure, there are moms that choose C-sections (a whole other debate), but most women who want an early induction don't want a C-section, so this study is an important reminder of that sometimes elusive virtue that is patience.

Were you induced, and if so, did you end up having a C-section? Knowing that your risk of a C-section is increased, would you still ask for or agree to an early induction?


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