Priest Gets a Kid Pregnant and That's Not the Bad Part


crossA priest stands accused of getting a teenager pregnant. So why is this not the worst part of this story?

Her parents videotaped the whole thing.

The "teen" was 18, but she was still a senior at the Catholic high school where the Rev. Luis A. Bonilla Margarito was chaplain.

The parents complained, he lost his job, you know the drill.

Now she's 19 and the Reading Eagle reports they're living together.

No word on what happened to the baby (a girl, by the way).

But can we get back to her parents taping the whole thing?

If you think your child is sleeping with an adult from her school, would you:

A. Sit her down to talk about it.

B. Sit him down to talk about it.

C. Immediately cut off the relationship, then do A. and B.


D. Videotape your kid having sex with an old dude.

How many of you said D? Yeah, me neither.

It is no mystery how the girl got pregnant, but maybe some in the world have yet to recognize the very simple equation that makes a baby.

So let's break this one down for them: man plus post-pubescent woman plus sex very often equals baby. Take all of this, subtract some birth control and "very often" just got hiked to "almost always."

The mystery of life is really no great mystery, so let’s all do ourselves a favor and review the sex education basics so we are all on the same page. Then, as parents, let’s stop the process that makes a baby before we feel the need to videotape it, mmmkay?.

Are you shaking your head?

Image via Glen's Pics/Flickr

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APeve... APeveteaux

What the heck? I would have thrown a video camera at the priest's head, not used it to make a sex tape.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

WFT!!!! Are these people nuts why would do that if you suspect something was up why not talk to your child instead of taping them in the act. That's just sick.

Cened... Cenedra64

there's something mentally wrong all the way around there.   woooo

wildf... wildflowers25

I have no words except, disgusting on all sides.

Jennifer Robinson

Oh yeah, keep using this one example to trash the whole group of people and their common faith. This proves you are so narrowed-minded who don't deserve this job, writing about daily topics that might have great impact on our society. The priest is another human-being like us. He has his faults as much as yours. He made the mistake of violating his promise with God to remain celibate. He made the mistake of violating the law by sleeping with a minor. Just like any of us who fails to keep our promises. Why don't you cast the first stone if you can prove 100% that you never make any mistake?

cryst... crystalchu


I have no words for this.

kelli... kelli0585

Well. . . . . . . . it IS a man sleeping with a consenting adult.  It's on the very edge of the borderline, but it is what it is.

I don't think this "Reading Eagle" should have knocked on their apartment door.  She's 19, out of the house, and lives with the guy.    He's fired, the parents got what they wanted, and now it should be left alone. 

Rosab... Rosabel16

why the fuck did they video tape it??? i agree the video camera should have been thrown at his head! stuff like this pisses me off angry

shays... shaysmommy5810

Def shakin my head!  That's so sick!!!!  I used to be catholic, and I respect the religion, but dear Lord!!!!  Those parents need slapped upside their heads along with a lawsuit!

kelli... kelli0585

I don't think that the parents should have gotten away so easily.  They basically violated the privacy of two consenting adults.  Love it or hate it. . . . that girl was 18. 

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