Would You Name Your Baby After a Hurricane?

baby flying in skyWhen Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans it was a very frightening time for me (for so many). My husband's family is from NOLA and they had to evacuate. Their homes and lives were spared, but not everyone was as lucky. When they returned, so did another storm. Hurricane Rita was coming. My husband flew down to ride out the storm with his mom and I remember being so worried.

So years later, when it was time to pick baby names, Katrina and Rita were obviously in the "absolutely not" pile.

What if your baby name is on the hurricane name list? Would you consider naming your baby after a hurricane? The Atlantic Hurricane list for 2010 features some really great names ....


Hurricane Alex avoided the Gulf, but did you choose to avoid it? Then came Tropical Storm Bonnie. Really cute name for a girl, but was it ruined? Colin (great name) hit in early August but it wasn't that damaging, so perhaps some won't think twice about naming their son after this hurricane.

People might shy away from naming their daughter Danielle, but not because of the hurricane with the same name ... because of the tornado that is one of the Real Housewives Danielle Staub.

And the approaching Hurricane Earl might ruin some Labor Day weekend plans, but I love the name for a boy -- it's such a great old-timey name.

On the heels of Earl is Hurricane Fiona -- gorgeous name for a girl (Cynthia and I both considered it when choosing names for our little ladies) -- but she's just a Tropical Storm right now ... who knows how destructive she will be.

The other hurricane names for this year include:

Would you name your baby after a hurricane?


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