Nude Pregnancy Photos: Would You Dare?

Pregnant women are finding more and more creative ways to document their growing bellies these days, but one perennial favorite is nude photography.

I can remember going to my aunt's house back in the mid-'80s and seeing a series of pregnancy nudes she had done when she was pregnant with my cousin. They were tasteful and beautiful, but horrifying to 5-year-old me, natch.

When I was pregnant both times, I barely even wanted photos taken of me, period. I felt bloated and gigantic, like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

But then something happened (twice, actually). I had my babies and I was no longer pregnant, and I saw photos and thought, Maybe I did look cute after all!


I wish I had found some ways to document my pregnancies and, even more, I wish I had taken some nudes.

I look in the mirror a lot these days (I'm a narcissist like that) and I see very little evidence of the fact that my babies were once inside of my body. I look (almost) back to my old self. And even though I have a few clothed photos of my pregnant belly, I'm very curious what it looked like under the clothes.

It always happens this way. The life events I think I will remember always -- my wedding, the births of my babies, the pregnancies -- I just don't. Maybe it's the emotion or the sense of being overwhelmed, but those moments are gone in a flash and I wish I had documented them better.

I wish I had pulled up my shirt and showed the belly even just one time. I wish I had disrobed and let my husband snap a photo even when I knew I would've wanted to delete it.

So many amazing changes happen while you're pregnant. It only makes sense to document them.

Are you taking nude pregnancy photos?


Image via linh.ngân/Flickr

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