Robot Gives Birth

Birth would be so much easier if we were all robots with detachable bellies.

A training seminar at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, last week utilized this robot that screams and moans and ultimately gives "birth" to a robot baby.

The robot is designed to help prepare health care professionals for emergency situations like prolapsed cords. But in watching the video, I have to say it's a far cry from the real deal.

Obviously any training is better than no training, but this robot seems a little ... how shall I say this ... not realistic?

Its belly comes off! If only ours did, too ...


There are many other ways I would imagine training might be better and none of them include robots.

Even real people would probably be able to act better than a robot. Besides, are they really going to take a giant barbie with a detachable belly more seriously than an actor who is actually human?

Real birth is unpredictable. No simulation exercise can really help a doctor or a nurse be in the moment. In fact, they may feel better prepared than they are because of the robot. What if the woman insists she wanted a natural birth and refuses a c-section? How will they deal with this?

What about the woman who passes out and her spouse is panicking? How do the doctors deal with that?

This technology is great until it lulls doctors and nurses into the false sense that they know what they're doing. Use it, train on it, learn what you're doing, but also understand you aren't "trained" for real birth.

We're real people and like it or not, there is no simulator for any of us.

What do you think of this?


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