Enlist Gays & 9 More Tips for Moving While Pregnant

moving truckMoving is always a pain in the ass. When you're pregnant it's a pain all over every morsel of your brain and body. I moved last weekend from a two-bedroom apartment I had lived in for almost seven years. You would think it would be an easy feat, but over time you acquire a lot of belts, shoes, and purses you swear will be in style again one day. Not to mention pictures, papers, stowed hand-me-downs, and random, useless wires collected by your husband.

Here are some tips for MWP (Moving While Pregnant):


1.      No matter how unfashionable, you MUST wear sneakers. Flat, gladiator sandals or cute flats that match your maternity wear will only hurt your feet. If you think swollen feet are only for those on bed rest, think again. And welcome to cankle-dom.

2.      Buy Sharpies. Ballpoint pens are illegible on cardboard after they've moved out of your home, into a truck through sweaty movers' hands, and into your clueless husband's arms.

3.      Downsize weeks before you move. The junk drawer takes WAY longer than you think to go through -- unless of course your sister packs it for you and then you pay for moving soy sauce packages.

4.      Get a babysitter if you already have children. Even if you tell them it's the Imagination Movers that are coming to invade the only home they've ever known, they become extra-attached to the toy they haven't touched in six months. It tires you out even more.

5.      Do your laundry at the new place. You think you're doing yourself a favor by preparing, but once you arrive, you want to rewash everything anyway. Does that count as nesting? Also, use your own suitcases to pack your clothes. It's cleaner.

6.      Get local menus ahead of time to order in. You most likely have no idea where to get pizza, so think ahead.

7.      Enlist gays. They are just better at moving than breeders.

8.      Make sure you have a seat in both your new and old place. The floor just doesn't cut it this late in the game.

9.      Hydrate. This includes remembering to drink water, putting on moisturizer, and having lip balm on hand. You don't know dry until you've touched cardboard all day and breathed in dust all night.

10.  Think twice about doing it at all. It sucks. 

Seriously though, it's all worth it if you have to get ready for your new baby. You don't want to add moving to the stress of having a newborn. As long as you prepare and don't let your husband pack or mark any boxes, it's doable. Because after throwing random stuff in a box, my husband marked it "No Idea."

Are you planning a move when pregnant?

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