Cops Beat Pregnant Woman Into Miscarriage

belly Ladies, hold your stomachs.

This one is going to hurt.

A woman suing the Indianapolis Police Department says officers beat her so badly they caused her to miscarry her baby.

In photos supplied to the media, LaDonna Dixon's face is covered in black and blue marks. But apparently a lot more of the beating happened below the neck.


She told officers she was three months pregnant, but says they kept on wailing on her, forcing her to miscarry.

That had to be SOME beating.

Because the pregnant belly is stronger than you'd imagine.

Trust me. Been there, have the car accident report to prove it.

I was just into my second trimester, driving with my husband to an OB/GYN appointment, when a truck pulled out in front of our sedan. He had a stop sign, I didn't. I was going below the speed limit, but I couldn't stop.

Wham, bam, thank you for nothing.

I was terrified, but the doctors told me I didn't have to worry. My stomach protected her just fine.

According to the miscarriage myths over at Pregnancy Loss, "Remember the baby is well protected, and only you will hurt. This is often done during the night by a sleepless child you have pulled into bed with you."

In Dixon's case, she's saying she actually hemorrhaged from being punched and kicked. The police department is looking into it.

Are you extra-protective of the belly?


Image via deanj/Flickr

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