Pregnesia: Like Wet Brain Without the Booze

We all know that when you're pregnant your mind goes to mush. Also, as many husbands would say ... it's the hormones that make their pregnant wives crazy. Some of my friends and I find that we have no filter, meaning we just tell it like it is and can't help it. It can be frustrating, but mostly it's funny.

Here are some unscientific, telltale signs that you are experiencing "pregnesia."a

  • You lose your cell phone at least once a day. I use to locate it. It's a free service that rings your phone free of charge.
  • You forget to put sunblock on and, worse, you forget to take your sunglasses off for even color. See photo evidence of me last week after going to the beach for two hours.
  • You tell your friends the truth about how they look. When my friend was pregnant at the same time I was, her face got swollen. I was looking at her across the table at a restaurant, and I started crying and said, "Your face looks different. What's wrong with you?"
  • You put the milk in the cabinet and the cereal in the refrigerator. More than once.
  • You go to the grocery store for eggs and come home with a bag full of food and no eggs.
  • You have to go to mall security to drive you around to find your missing car. You forgot where you parked.
  • When your husband doesn't take out the garbage after you've asked him twice, it feels like he cheated on you.

Although it's pretty funny that pregnant women are so flaky, scientists in Australia found scientific evidence that pregnancy can indeed cause memory loss. It results from "hormonal changes or from a lifestyle shift." Beware. It can last for up to a year AFTER you have the baby.

Anyone else showing signs of Pregnesia?

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