Mariah Carey Pregnant: As Official As It May Get

The speculation can finally end: Singer Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon are, indeed, expecting a baby, according to Radar Online.

It has been quite the bump watch for Carey and Cannon. Carey, who turned 40 earlier this year, heated up the rumor mill over the weekend when she performed in Brazil looking quite zaftig and later tweeted to fans:

"Seriously,I really do love it here,beautiful people inside and out! Tonite was tuff 4 me 4 personal reasons,but U got me thru!L4L"

As for her husband, he has been telling people for weeks, saying yesterday on 92.3 FM:

"I've said it before and I'll say it time and time again -- when my wife feels like talking about whatever she wants to talk about, you will hear it directly from her," he said.


According to Radar, the couple is telling friends and family, but has chosen not to speak publicly about it and may not until she's closer to delivery.

I get that. She's older and the couple, who married just over two years ago, may have tried for a long time to get pregnant.

Besides, it's none of our business. Even though it feels like it is. If the couple chooses to remain private about it, then I suppose we have to accept that. Of course, it does seem a little silly when it's glaringly obvious and they're dropping hints everywhere and we SEE her belly.

But still. Her business.

So, this may be the closest we get to a confirmation. And if it is, I say: congrats to the happy couple!

I also hope she has a girl (or a boy who is really into stilettos) because her shoe collection is something I dream about at night.

What do you think of Mariah Carey's decision not to officially "announce"?


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