Abbey Clancy Wants Peter Crouch's 'Forgive Me I Cheated With a Hooker' Baby

British lingerie model Abbey Clancy is reportedly set to forgive her soccer-playing, hooker-seeing fiance Peter Crouch on the condition that he gives her a baby.

Clancy, 24, will forgive Crouch, 29, for his dalliance with teenage hooker Monica Mint, after they had a heart to heart talk and he spent weeks begging her for another chance ... and also, if he gives her a baby.

Apparently Clancy has always wanted to be a mother and really, what better time to become a mother than after your famous athlete fiance sleeps with a streetwalker? I mean, really. Why didn't I think of that?

It's not a bouquet of red roses she wants for forgiveness, it's a screaming bundle of joy. Makes perfect sense.


Is anyone else as horrified by this story as I?

People have babies for such dumb reasons, but this may be one of the worst. A "forgive me, I cheated" baby. Great.

Here's the thing: babies tax the best relationships in the world. Being parents together makes you see one another in new ways. It brings out both the best and worst and is a very intense time. I can't imagine having had a baby with a man I didn't trust in every way.

I just don't get it. First LeAnn Rimes wants to have a baby with Eddie Cibrian and now this. Why is it so hard to understand that a baby will not fix anything that's broken? Some reasons not have a baby:

  1. You are bored.
  2. You want to make your man stay.
  3. You just want someone who loves you back.
  4. Your man cheated and you want to keep him around.
  5. You want some extra spending cash each month.

Repeat with me: A baby does not fix anything. A baby is a stressor to even the best relationships, so give that baby the gift of a strong foundation.

That is all.

What are some other bad reasons to have a baby?


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