Pregnant Lily Allen Falls: How to Avoid Doing the Same

LAMB shoes

Avoid when pregnant!

Lily Allen has stumbled before, but it seems it was after having a few too many down at the pub (or a bit too much of something else). But her latest fall in a London restaurant resulted in a case of whiplash -- and she's pregnant. Which begs the question: If she wasn’t drinking and is presumably sober in other ways, what caused the fall?

My answer? Attempting to teeter atop a killer pair of heels in which you can barely stand under the best of circumstances, let alone when you're pregnant and your entire center of balance is changing all the time.

I understand the desire to stay fashionable while pregnant, when everything is changing and nothing seems to fit -- sometimes you just feel soooo fat and ugly. And it seems like shoes are all that fit (until the last trimester)! So here are some that I found that won’t cramp your style but will keep you standing up and whiplash-free. Welcome to the Croc-free zone.


Blowfish smooth

Blowfish Smooth, $39 -- A denim flat that’s neutral, cute, and stylish -- and because it’s fabric, it will stretch along with your feet, which we all know swell up like watermelons at the end of the day. (And P.S., I own two pairs of Blowfish knock-offs that I found at Target -- they are my constant companions.)

Chinese Laundry Sweet CarolineChinese Laundry Sweet Caroline, $29.99 (pink) -- Totally cute and colorful (or neutral, if you go for the black, $39.99). This pair is all synthetic for all you veggies out there -- it’s made out of the same material that Jellies are made out of. So, they're flexible and the open sides mean no foot sweat!

Report IlanaReport Ilana, $53.96 -- Just one more pair of flats, they are, after all, almost the perfect pregnancy shoe, especially when you don’t want to wear Adidas all the time. I love these for the flexible sole, elasticized collar, and … ruffles. That’s right, ruffles. They add a bit of flair to what could otherwise be a very boring pair of shoes -- and would look uber-cute with either a jersey maxi dress or jeans.

Fluevog HopesFluevog Hopes, $279 -- I feel I should offer a disclaimer here: I love John Fluevog. I mean, love. They're the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, outside of sneakers. They were a staple for me in the office -- the heels were professional and stylish and, more than that, I could wear them all day and still make the walk to my car at the end of it. So I’m including them as pro-preggo shoes. This style actually has a lower heel than mine and a strap for added support.

Irregular Choice Bow BelleIrregular Choice Bow Belle, $85.99 -- Another heel that will work fashion magic as you balance your bigger-and-bigger belly. The width of the heel will help with your changing center of gravity and prevent that “teetering” effect. Again, it has a strap for extra stability and is low to the ground without being granny-ish. And they’re red!

Lucky Iris WedgeLucky Iris, $126 -- Boots are hot, hot, hot this fall, and booties are no exception -- as long as you're sporting a belly-supporting wedge. With the extra heft to the heel, your balance won’t be in question, but you’ll still get the heel you’ve been missing since you moved the L.A.M.B.s  to the back of the closet.  


Which pair would you buy?


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