After Delivery You Better Be 'Bloody' Prepared

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No one told me that when I gave birth to my daughter, I'd be entering true adulthood and reverting back to 9th grade. Not 9th grade in the I love my guy so much I will die without him, but 9th grade in the way of having the longest, bloodiest, most unmanageable period ever.

The kind where you wear pads, leak through your pants, stain your bed, and feel overwhelmed when you pee.


After you have your baby, most women bleed anywhere from two weeks to six weeks. The bleeding is not really your period, although it's similar. Postpartum bleeding is technically referred to as Lochia. There are a few things I wish people had told me.

  • Bring your own pads to the hospital. Hospitals must have gotten a bulk rate in 1970 and they still haven't refilled it.
  • Have lots of dark pants ready to go in your closet. Expect the leakage. You don't want to repeat that legendary situation where the girl in high school got up from her seat in science class and left a trail.
  • It takes forever, but it eventually stops. Having your beautiful baby to tend to will help you be distracted.
  • It's gross, but other women go through it too, so if you have questions go ahead and ask your sisters and friends.
  • Warn your partner. They may get freaked out and think there's something wrong with you. Periods freak guys out anyway and this one is colossal.

The bottom line is that it's longer and bloodier than you think. It's not scary. It's just inconvenient and it's better when you know what to expect.


Image via Jelene/Flickr

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