Bristol Palin Takes Advantage of Single Mothers

Bristol PalinBristol Palin is such a peach.

She's showing up at a fundraiser for single pregnant women. And all she asks for is $14,000 in return.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh, Bristol?


According to news reports out of Kentucky, the famous single mama has been offered the big bucks to show up at a $125-a-head dinner that will raise money for the Lifehouse Maternity Home in Louisville.

It's a place that provides a home to single pregnant women -- especially teens -- from the time they figure out they're pregnant on into the parenting stage. Give them credit -- if you're going to advocate that women have to keep the baby, they need to give them support.

Christian-based, it's heavily anti-abortion.

And so they want to parade Bristol out as an example of a woman who chose not to abort.

She fits the bill, but a little math makes this one hard to swallow. She's costing them $14,000 for a fundraiser.

At $125 a head, it will take 112 people to just break even on her fee. Forget the food. And what happens if too many teens show up? They get a discount: just $65 a plate.

So who's helping the single moms here? Not Bristol.

But you can -- the Lifehouse Center accepts physical donations of sheets, pillows, cleaning products, and more to keep the place going. You know, stuff that will help the moms.


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